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 How can I see your work?

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PostSubject: How can I see your work?   Thu Sep 02, 2010 1:44 am

Hello all,

In the context of my Phd, I'm interested in Spring and its depending games, including NOTA. I would like to study and analyze the evolution of all communities arround these games, based on the source code, the mails and the the bug reports.

Unfortunately, I'm not able to find a source code repository, a mailing nor a bug tracker for NOTA, can you help me?

And, the cherry on the cake, if you have this information for other games (XTA, Spring;1944, BA, ...) thanks to give me them.

Thanks for your help.

Mathieu Goeminne
PhD researcher at the University of Mons (Belgium)
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How can I see your work?
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