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 More about tanks and thuds/hammers

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PostSubject: More about tanks and thuds/hammers   Wed Sep 10, 2008 2:34 pm

flashes and thuds/hammers do not balance in well. To fix it the light tank should probably become light tanks again with more hp. It's low hp was getting it killed too early by non units t1 kbots. Thuds/hammers should do a little bit less dmg to light tanks than before. Thuds/Hammers need a dmg boost, say 15%. ATM they do not not had the dmg to stand up for cost in an early t1 battle vs veh. the 50% dmg to medium armor is has been a heavy nerf. Lets try a 65% dmg dealt.

The rocket kbots still pork combat units. their projectile delivery design among other problems, coupled with the long reload will keep them from being a truly useful unit. Keep in mind that most units do their jobs very well when used properly but the rocket bots are not every good at their own job description.
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More about tanks and thuds/hammers
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