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 version 1.50 is released

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PostSubject: version 1.50 is released   Mon Sep 22, 2008 10:43 am

1.50 released:



-Base Constructors can now upgrade into level 2 constructors
-Hammer/Thud/Morty light plasma weapons now do 60% to medium armor and 36% to heavy; previously 50% medium and 30% heavy
-Rocket Kbot metal and energy cost decreased 5%
-Sonar Plane sonar range increased 40%
-Destroyer torpedo and sonar range increased 5%
-Necro energy cost decreased 10%; Fark energy cost decreased 5%
-Nuclear Cannon area of effect and damage increased
-RaptorIV buildtime increased 50%
-Maverick buildtime decreased 18%
-SPY kbot cloak now costs only 20 energy/second
-Core Truck can now carry 7 infantry kbots
-Added Attack AoE Widget
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version 1.50 is released
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