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 1.52 things to work on

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PostSubject: 1.52 things to work on   Sun Oct 26, 2008 2:08 am

Bomber pay loads are not what there were. I want it mixed.
raptors are more of an assault unit a lower build time than the mav makes sense,
the maveric build time needs a look
If it is not the build time for the maverick I am convinced it is the t1 units stats

What ever it is - the Mavric is op vs t1 units. Vs t2 units - that is a different matter. The t1 units are much weaker ie kbots than they use to be.

Sumo vs mav - the sumo seems to miss
Sumo vs hellfish - helllfish die!
I find it rather silly that a pack of cans or sumps take out ground attack planes
Is there any thing that we could do about that> or is that the nature of the laser :/

T1 vs T2 bomber balancing for play load has changed drastically. I liked how the balancing worked before with bombers. T1 actually had the bigger play load but t2 had all the effective weapons, flight altitude and health. I would like to see t1 bombers that are more useful.
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1.52 things to work on
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