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 A good reason to make teh hellfish faster

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PostSubject: A good reason to make teh hellfish faster   Mon Oct 27, 2008 11:45 pm

chain guns are darn cheap it was thought that hellfish (3-4) bombing a fus or geo was op because you needed 3 chain guns to stop them

well now 1 chain gun can kill 2 hellfish

that is pretty disgusting

65 m > 300+ in a blink of an eye

a little more hp or a little more speed

if you build a valuable item like a fus or geo and do not protect it don't you deserve a change at losing it?

Napalm is nice and fast the previous speed of the hellfish has nothing to napalm

a hellish user would need to scout you before any how so you would have warning
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A good reason to make teh hellfish faster
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