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 Can we fix these for the next version?

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PostSubject: Can we fix these for the next version?   Tue Oct 28, 2008 12:18 am

Hammers+ thuds
I said I would wait and see how it plays. Now I know. the hammers and thuds are underpowered.

rocket bots:
have very little range advantage over thanks.
Before I said that range was what was needed to make rockos better now I am sure. (I hate the unit type and do not see a well crafted nich for it. This means I will never really like how it plays but this range fix is what I think will best balance it)

an instigator can kill a Zeus
It appear to our range it

Light tanks
they do not have enough hp
they have too much armor
Game play is not fun with the current settings which are really bothering me

can we put game play before looks?
that is why I do not play as much CA

should probably cost more if they are going to heal that quickly
they butcher t1
I am not sure how you would stop them in a developed situation.
Anti armor units are very effective well (arm tank and fido)
core T2 kbots are the only units I think core can use
morties would work if they had ore hp or could hit a target effectively or move faster
veh arty fails.

Veh arty:
we need to be able to have it stay on low trajectory
arty's main forgotten use is halting spam charges.
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PostSubject: Re: Can we fix these for the next version?   Tue Oct 28, 2008 12:21 am

What could we do to improve the sniper?
why is it not used more? what it the problem
range? decloaking? speed? hp? build time? energy cost?

I think it may be energy cost or build time.
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PostSubject: Re: Can we fix these for the next version?   Tue Oct 28, 2008 12:28 am

I always get this itch that says estoreage costs to much to make wind as useful as it should

I have never said any thing before because I thought it was a good hidden cost for supper weapons since energy production was not cheap and storage was no either

what stands out more to me is the build time for e store

I am pretty sure think the cost is well balanced I think it is the build time that is long, long for the actual storage you will get.

Would an 8k build time be good?
Perhaps or 6k would be better

This would really make the difference for the starts
some one would use the storage as a big enough buffer to get away with building a con or radar before they had the energy to directly support the construction, a true ota element.
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PostSubject: Re: Can we fix these for the next version?   Tue Oct 28, 2008 6:39 pm

mavs are being changed for next version. their range has been reduced to 530 from 590 which prevents you from dancing around outside the range of hammers and thunds. DPS is down 5%, e cost has been put back to 20900, buildtime has been increased a little, but not to the full extent of what is was vefore, oh and the auto heal takes about half a second to kick in now. The autoheal thing doesn't sound like much of a change at all, but it does make a difference. Basically it won't heal while it's taking damage.

The balance of mavs vs light plasma bots was never messed with btw. Mavs are light armor, so they've always taken full damage. Changing the buildtime and e-cost was my screwup thou. I didn't appreciate how effective the mavs were at steamrolling lvl1.

Looking at the estorage buildtimeis probably a good idea. I almost never build estorage myself because they take so long to build, and then I end up forgetting about it.

Sniper builtime and e is also something we havent' really messed with since they were op. I expect the reason you don't see very many snipers being used is because of that. How many hammers can you spam out in the time it takes you to build a sniper?

I dont' agree about light plasma kbots being underpowered. Before, rocket kbots didn't even have a purpose. You were better off building hammers in 99% of situations. Now they are just slightly worse (from 66% to med, down to 60% to med), and rocket kbots are actually somewhat useful. I dunno though. Thor's thinking about increasing it, so it might happen anyways.

We're thinking of a pretty big change for the core next version. Instead of having a lvl1 transport and a lvl2 heavy lifter, they only have the valkrie, but it'll be able to lift heavy units. You'll build it in the infantry transport factory. It'll be bigger, have more hp (~500), and cost more. One of the reasons I hate to go core kbots is it's such a pain in the ass getting them to the front line. This will let you do that without having to also go air, get an adv air fac and some of those expensive lvl2 transports. The downside to this is it'll make it a lot more trouble to use transportable turrets. You'd have to get the infantry transport factory instead of the aircraft plant, and if you don't have the aircraft plant then you can't get fighters... We were thinking about just building it in the aircraft plant originally, but Razz

Oh and it might be possible to have a switchable payload on the bombers. Not promising anything, just saying... Suspect
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PostSubject: Re: Can we fix these for the next version?   Wed Oct 29, 2008 12:24 pm

I think you can get some thing like 6 thuds out for 1 sniper. I could be way off ofc.

It was the mavericks heal that was making thuds appear nto to do much dmg since they do not deal a lot. Thuds only have an effect on mavericks if they can get enough thuds firing. The mavericks do not have a lot of hp and armor piercing units could down mavericks with ease mavericks dmg seamed high or it was because they did not die they inflicted a lot of dmg.

I think lowering the heal rate and dmg is all that is needed .Perhaps a health boost should be in order if the heal rate id decreased. It makes a tremendous difference.
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PostSubject: Re: Can we fix these for the next version?   

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Can we fix these for the next version?
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