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 Unit selection mechanics

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PostSubject: Unit selection mechanics   Wed Oct 29, 2008 10:43 pm

Just a few ideas about selecting units quickly and effectively:

If I'm drawing a box, and there are more military units than con units under the box, then the con units under the box should not be selected. It's annoying when maneuvering large armies and accidentally lassoing a con unit, and then having to tell the con units to go back to what they were doing.

Also, I should be able to hold different keys to toggle between selecting air units and ground units. If I have fighters patrolling around an area and ground units underneath, it's annoying to wait until the fighter moves out from under the box before I order my units.

Likewise, a key to toggle between AA ground units and other ground units. Sometimes I want to make just a ground assault on an area but my AA troops go and die for no reason, just because they happened to be in the area when I selected my army to assault.

Finally, I have a hard time trying to double-click a patrolling fighter to try to select all fighters onscreen. Since fighters move so fast, I almost never can double click fast enough to trigger all fighters being selected. I don't know what can be done about this one though.

Don't know if you can make a lua widget for that sort of thing, just throwing it around.
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PostSubject: Re: Unit selection mechanics   Sun Nov 30, 2008 4:11 am

This is certainly a matter of preferance, as when I attack a location I like to clean up after my self with my cons, or move in some static structures. Had I left my cons behind I would have challenges. The selectioneditor.exe will let you make custom selection options so that you could achieve your desires. I use this to quickly split up forces for quick manuvers, responses and flankings. A useful one I would die with out is a simple split of my selected force so that I can divide my troops into different units instantly. My select all of the X type, or all of the selected units on screen are also very useful.

The means to achieve what you would like to the letter are at your finger tips so the best result would be do use the selectioneditor.exe which is found in your base spring folder.
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Unit selection mechanics
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