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 I finally found out why!

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PostSubject: I finally found out why!   Sat Nov 01, 2008 5:49 pm

So a girl walks up to his husband who has just got home. Hysterically she says, "the toilet is broken" The man says "ok ill go fix it" the women then goes on a rant about what she had to do. after a few minutes the man says again "ok, ill go fix it"

NOTA! I finally found out why nota is so good! 123 said that you don't build a factory unless you want something from it. "I want peewees, i want flashes, i want zeuses, i want bombers" That's what nota is! The man of the mods, the guy of them!

NOTA, in NOTA figure what you need, and you build it. That's all there is too it. I need more units, is the basic thought. I need them not to die. It's easy to figure out and easy to think about! Simple!

Unlike BA where you say "i want this, because it might help" "imma tek2krog since it's easier" "imma nuke them (nuke failed) ok, i lose"

Here's how i know this is the thought of people on ba and ca. Because in CA i sent 5 very very quick bombers and killed the other teams factories. Instead of building aa, they quit. said i cheated or something and kicked me. In BA i com bombed someone as he had did the same last game. He got pissed and quitted. Then their team quitted one after the other.

You will never see anyone quit nota because anything like that happens. That's why nota games are so long. After all your stuff is killed, what do you do? rebuild.

This explains nota so well! NOTA is a MAN game!
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I finally found out why!
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