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 PYB clan info

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PostSubject: PYB clan info   Wed Apr 08, 2009 6:50 pm

Founder is 1-23v
PYB ownership belongs to the vets
All registered vet players can bring in new members
2 vets can kick any member
3 non vets can kick any player
Any PYB player can bring in a [PYBt]

A PYB PLAYER must be: Any TeamSpeak user who can listen and Learn/follow requests + shows skillful potential/ability -or- a VERY skilled player with out TS

PYBs are expected to be able to play high level opponents as a team.

"[PYB]_t" is the tag for recruits not ready to play as PYB

[PYB] Registered Members:
123v - vet
Decimator - vet
Nio -vet
mar3 -vet
Peace - vet - Gone
Tix - vet
Baladin - vet
Revenge -vet
Love -vet - Gone
Knob -vet - suspended
head -vet - suspended
Metalskin - vet
Grifith -gold
Ragingpanic -gold
Juzza -gold
JoeNightmare -gold
Pie -unkown (smurfer gold?)
t_LittleStar - gold
t_Cyclist - gold
t_kb18951452 - silver


Numpty, e, Muppet

[PYB]_t members: - any one who has a [PYB] mentor who follows the PYB Doctrine of War -or- is a vet

This may not be updated frequently
Mottons: XD

~~~ Since someone asked: The most important part of being a PYB member is likely the ability to exhibit sheer brilliance to win a game after a joyful run of flawless stupidity ~~~ Very Happy

1-23v motto:
Get a rush - send in your Boi
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PYB clan info
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