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 Basics of BA team game thinking

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PostSubject: Basics of BA team game thinking   Wed Apr 08, 2009 7:29 pm

PYB Doctrine of War:

Winning Efficiently; keeping investments alive saves you the time of building them (your army)
Raid+SPAM is the Fastest way to win when you can out fight the enemy units

-With 3 players spam together can take down obstacles fast when used in unison (aka together)
1 eco player can not hold against several spammers because the spammers have more eco via reclaim
-each unit reclaims at about +70 metal ~ reclaim eco is the biggest eco which you will ever have unlesss you have 6+ adv fus
aka go fight there will be nothing left to kill if you run out of reclaim

-porcs is often about a 1:3 ration in order to over run it
-porc is a bitch to go up against unless you can attack smaller sections with the majority of you force
which would make porc not cost-effective if you can attack in 2-3 different areas and the porc can not mass it's fire power in one location as units can
-attack a porc line from the side and it is often 3x weaker

-why worry about massive porc if you can com bomb it
or an army
or a difficult com to kill which would cost many units
-combomb will take only seconds to counter minuets worth of built units
-combobm with a few trans in front is near impossible to stop
-dgun / blow up in a manner to throw enemy com wrecks into allied space

Commander: RESOURCE: free d-gunning! - Free fast Nuke! - 2500 M - early game nano
Make sure you know what is the best use of him at ever given time
Cloak while standing is -80 e it can save you or be a perfect "nuke mine"

>> The Time Line << is what runs a game - if you build a big unit(s) perhaps the time line of another player will allow him to build an adv fus instead and then spam enough stunners to kill your unit investment
- the use of combomb in can be extremity time efficient
- a birtha may put hurt into the enemy faster than building a heavy army
- if you built an hlt perhaps they will not be able to over run it until much later when you have spent your time fighting else where for a team-up or eco'ed
- the second you have an army is a second they may not have as many as you using suck resources as soon as possible will make the most of your investment... every min that goes by is a min your investment diminishes since the game and ecos are progressing

- attacking porc will slow you down - attack the back players when given a chance rather than run into a poor front players porc
- Always have reclaim units with your army to reclaim as it dies else you will be giving them $$ or not being efficient with your time-line of reusing metal
- if you can not reclaim only send scouts... unless the dmg you will inflict will affect their time line great enough to benefit your loss and their gain of metal
- ADV fus cost much less then fus but have a wait which is 2x longer than basic fus
- you can still get t2 early if you build the t2 lab then suck it to reenter the fight

- What is the fastest way to get the need met - find it Smile ... you can win

Adv solars FAIL when you can have a fus
adv solars will not even pay for the energy cost to build themselves for about an entire min if you re stalling spam basic solars
4-5 e store can hold the e to build a geo or fus Razz you could reclaim all your e to build a fus

>> Sticking your head Out of the Rat Race <<
- Getting a weapon to deliver a strike to all/ any enemy players:
- Early Bombers - Birtha - Nuke - bombers + massive fighter spam
- YOU MUST SCOUT FOR your targets

Targets (in order of importance):
Build power = no shield / anti nuke / fighters / unit spam
Other Power weapons that can kill you: Air lab - Nuke - Birtha - Spam base
Energy production

Tactics- scouts before bombers - they disrupt the enemy and show you the targets
- 20 t1 bombers asap can end the entire game with one sweeping pass over teh enemy basses
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Posts : 184
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PostSubject: Re: Basics of BA team game thinking   Wed Apr 22, 2009 6:05 am

was there any thing overlooked pertaining specifically to the above topics?
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Basics of BA team game thinking
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