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 A Handful of Strats

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A Handful of Strats Empty
PostSubject: A Handful of Strats   A Handful of Strats I_icon_minitimeSun Jun 21, 2009 8:14 pm

Strat one: Core: 5 windgen and three metal extractors (mexxes), then go air and pump Vashps at full production. Keep your economy close and maybe one laser turret, build a second air factory (again, vashps on repeat) and expand to roughly double your starting econ. Patrolling Vashps can take care of everything with only a little support from towers. Once you're feeling secure and have the economy to support it, go T2 air. Build 2 T2 air factories and pump napalm bombers.

That's pretty much it, it works well in team games too.

Strat 2: Core: 4 or 5 windgen, 3 mexxes, Kbot lab. Pop out an AK or two to get to the furthest burrows (you've noted them down using tilde-draw as they landed, right?) and then put out about 3 pyros. The first pyro goes burrow-hunting then the next 2 as a pair. Shore up some base defences with LLTs, use Immolators in chokepoints, and spam Pyro and Storm if the map has speedboosted roads or Thuds Pyros and Storms if it has slow approaches.

As you increase your economy, add more T1 KBot factories and spam more! When tankers come out you micro your pyros under them, where they set the tanker on fire and make it shoot itself in the foot.
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A Handful of Strats
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