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 ANd an In Chat Newbie guide

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PostSubject: ANd an In Chat Newbie guide   ANd an In Chat Newbie guide I_icon_minitimeTue Oct 21, 2008 4:46 am

FYI "lost" was me
The pure basics "The Run Down"
[2:26:18 AM] <[n0b]Niko> I don't know NOTA at all
[2:26:36 AM] <[n0b]Niko> is it hard to learn
[2:26:46 AM] <lost[NOTA]> okay let me get a few things strait
[2:26:50 AM] <lost[NOTA]> land = mex
[2:26:56 AM] <lost[NOTA]> mex >>>> mm econ
[2:27:15 AM] <lost[NOTA]> mm econ = no army for you if urt spending m on it and it means you will die since ur enemy will have an army
[2:27:41 AM] <lost[NOTA]> mohos are not cheap and while you get them your enemy can kill you with an army
[2:27:52 AM] <[n0b]Niko> Very Happy
[2:28:04 AM] <lost[NOTA]> so take land first get mohos later
[2:28:26 AM] <lost[NOTA]> after 3 + facs starting moho construction will not make a huge dent if ur spending
[2:28:58 AM] <lost[NOTA]> you wil often win long before geting t2
[2:29:17 AM] <lost[NOTA]> t2 and t3 and huge econ come along slow in NOTA
[2:29:18 AM] <[n0b]Niko> O_O
[2:29:28 AM] <lost[NOTA]> NOTA lets every unit shine
[2:29:43 AM] <lost[NOTA]> that also means we rarly ever use muhc t2
[2:29:49 AM] <lost[NOTA]> since we can end the game sooner
[2:30:12 AM] <lost[NOTA]> pork = last resourt / your gunna lose
[2:30:18 AM] <lost[NOTA]> haha
[2:30:27 AM] <[n0b]Niko> pork ?
[2:30:37 AM] <lost[NOTA]> so now that that is cear ther is really only on other thing
[2:30:40 AM] <lost[NOTA]> pork = def
[2:30:47 AM] <[n0b]Niko> ohh i see :p
[2:30:55 AM] <lost[NOTA]> the battle shoud move too much for def to be viable
[2:31:01 AM] <lost[NOTA]> if it is stagnant some thing is wrong
[2:31:24 AM] <lost[NOTA]> every unit type is op when used right
[2:31:35 AM] <lost[NOTA]> aka kbots are good but slow
[2:31:51 AM] <lost[NOTA]> veh are fast but not as good as kbots in many battles
[2:32:31 AM] <lost[NOTA]> get a strong mix and you will be a super power vs someone who only has one option for battle
[2:33:07 AM] <[n0b]Niko> well, I'm going to lose anyway so I just try to do something very vice, .... stupid ideas and wrong units
[2:33:16 AM] <[n0b]Niko> let's start Smile
[2:33:20 AM] <[BBC]momfreeek> spam more thuds
[2:33:24 AM] <lost[NOTA]> before I have t2 I normaly have about 1234567890 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 ... 23 different types of units
[2:33:29 AM] <lost[NOTA]> I can often have more
[2:33:50 AM] <[BBC]momfreeek> spam more thuds
[2:33:55 AM] <[BBC]momfreeek> and peewees
[2:33:58 AM] <lost[NOTA]> thuds fail many times
[2:34:06 AM] <[BBC]momfreeek> yeah
[2:34:08 AM] <[BBC]momfreeek> still
[2:34:18 AM] * Bender_The_Offender has joined battle
[2:34:27 AM] <lost[NOTA]> if you spam 20 thuds in one place expect them to all blow up in a random second
[2:34:33 AM] <lost[NOTA]> killing mass is my specialty
[2:34:38 AM] <[BBC]momfreeek> spam more thuds
[2:34:42 AM] <[n0b]Niko> u can build all buildings with same builder?
[2:34:48 AM] <[BBC]momfreeek> no
[2:34:52 AM] <lost[NOTA]> this is nto CA
[2:34:54 AM] <[n0b]Niko> Smile
[2:34:55 AM] <lost[NOTA]> tech is slow
[2:34:57 AM] <[n0b]Niko> k
[2:34:59 AM] <lost[NOTA]> war is imediate
[2:35:03 AM] <lost[NOTA]> *war
[2:35:07 AM] <[BBC]momfreeek> you build tier 2 towers to advance
[2:35:07 AM] <[n0b]Niko> nice
[2:35:14 AM] <[BBC]momfreeek> level 2 constructors
[2:35:22 AM] <lost[NOTA]> this is a bout strategic targets here
[2:35:33 AM] <[BBC]momfreeek> spam more thuds
[2:35:33 AM] <[n0b]Niko> let's have a try
[2:35:40 AM] <Bender_The_Offender> gogog
[2:35:42 AM] <lost[NOTA]> gl hf

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ANd an In Chat Newbie guide
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