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 mavs are good

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PostSubject: mavs are good   Sat Oct 25, 2008 1:34 pm

Are they too good? Mavs are really good at killing lvl1. Was the recent change a mistake? (They cost much less e and build much faster now). Whats the best way to kill mavs that are skirmishing with you around mid game.
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PostSubject: Re: mavs are good   Sun Oct 26, 2008 2:52 am

there is NO t1 counter to mavs

air cover obviously would work but 2 aa bots and ur mavs are safe.

Morties fail pretty hard now
even if mavs walk right into a spam of thuds the thuds get owned
aks are too slow to swarm mavs and veh arty just is not enough.

A combifed arms of veh arty and thuds should keep mavs way - thuds to keep the mavs from getting close and veh arty to keep the mavs away from the thuds. atm the mavs chew through thuds and morties alike the reason it because all plasma t1 kbots received gigantic nerfs over the last few versions . The t1 kbot balancing was balanced only with t1 forgetting about t2. As a result we have t1 units that are weaker than they should be.

A list of nerfs:
veh artys speed reduced
morty hp reduced
thud/ hammer hp reduced
morty removed from the armor piercing list
tthud / hammer dmg to armor reduced

Things that may change the balancing for the better:
thud build time to 2700
thud hp increased 25%
thud dmg to armor increased by 5%
morty build time to 6500
morty speed increased by 08%
morty hp increased by 15 %
veh arty speed increased 5%

t1 rocket bots hp 5%
Maverick build ti increeased 25%
raptor build time to 85 % of the maverick's
give t1 bombers 2 more bombs and a smaller dispersant - lower to the ground more likely to hit in a smaller area than the t2 bomber
make the aoe for the t2 bomber smaller (I really like the idea of how it is now but unless we have a play load option it just will not fit nicely with game play)
I have no idea how this would look but it is an idea
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PostSubject: Re: mavs are good   Sun Oct 26, 2008 8:18 pm

raptor doesnt need buff....

I do think that mavs need a cost increase, NOT bt increase. mavs suck alone, so they should be spammable, provided you have t2 eco.
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PostSubject: Re: mavs are good   

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mavs are good
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